PES Skill: Defending Corners

Corners can lead to very good scoring opportunities. This is why defending them is really important.

Man to Man

In Man-to-man defence every player of the defending team is marking one player on the attacking team. In this formation zonal marking will be totally ignored and the defending team has one more player in the box then the attacking team.

This extra player is the player who normally has to cover the kicker. You can see that in one special situation. If the attacking team is calling one player for a short corner, two defenders will follow. One is the defender who has to mark the runner. the other one is the player who is responsible for the kicker. Many users were moaning about this, but it makes absolutely sense in a man to man defence, because if the corner will be played short, then there is no numerous advantage on the outside.


Zonal defending

Zonal defending is very structured. Your defenders are standing on the line of the 6 yard box and your 2 taller midfielders are protecting the area in front of them. If one player is called for the short corner noone will follow him.


Only the close part of the 6-yard box is covered by a zonal system. the far part is covered by a man to man defence. If one striker is called short one defender of the zonal part will follow him and an other player will go onto the left position.

Attack-Defence Level

As you can see in the pictures above every screenshot has been taken with a A/D-Level on green (medium).
The more you switch to attack the less players will be in the box to defend the corner, but your team will be ready to counter in the center of the field. If you are on the highest attack level (red) one of your central defenders will be at the center line.

If you set the A/D-level to blue then most of the players will be inside the box and just your strikers will be in front of it. noone will wait on the center line to counter. Just stopping the opponent to score is the priority. Both screens have been taken with the mixed tactic and a 4-5-1.

PES Skill: Free Kick Tutorial

Free Kicks are very dangerous set pieces and always a huge chance to raise the score on your side. Most free kicks in PES 2017 are shot directly on target and most players do not know what they can do else to increase the chance to score. In this tutorial we will show you all opportunities with free kicks.

Free kicks with one kicker

Press A / X to pass
You just need to aim with the left stick. you do not have to adjust the crosshair line.

Press X / Square to shoot
You aim with the right stick and you influence the swerve with the left one.

Press B/Circle to play a lofted pass.
you must aim with the right stick like in shooting
If you press LT/L2 you can play it manual which gives you some more opportunities.


Free kicks (2nd kicker)

To call the 2nd kicker you have to press LB/L1 + the cross upwards or downwards

1st kicker shoots: X / Square
2nd kicker shoots: LT + X / L2 + Square

1st kicker passes to another player (and not to the 2nd kicker): A / X
2nd kicker passes to another player (and not to the 1st kicker: LT + A / L2+X

1st kicker passes to 2nd kicker LB/L1 + A/X
2nd kicker passes to 1st kicker LT + LB + A / L2 + L1 + X
after that you can do everything like in normal gameplay

Fake shots

1st kicker fakes: X followed by A / Square followed by X
2nd kicker fakes LT + X followed by A / L2 + Square followed by X
after that you shot the free kick like a normal free kick.

Long distance free kick

Long distance free kicks can only be done with one kicker.
you have all the options you can see above with direct free kicks.
And you have the option to play a knuckleshot.