How to fix stretched splash image in Unity?

How to fix stretched splash image in Unity?

I'm trying to add my own splash on my Unity project. However, when I implement it, the splash is stretched vertically, real bad.
Here is the screenshot:

While the original splash is:

I'm not altering the settings for the sprite that much:

How to fix that problem? I'm using a 1080x1080 PNG file for the splash and Unity 5.5.0f for building the application. Altering the resolution of the PNG results no luck. Am I missing something important here?
EDIT: Sorry for the late mention, but I've made the border on the sprite editor. Still no luck.


Answer 1:

Alright. So I just stumbled across the Import Settings, and found that the solution to this problem is just by setting the Mesh Type into Full Rect, nothing to do with the Sprite Editor. Newbies can miss this, because by default, Unity set the Mesh Type into Tight instead.

Actually, my bad I didn’t experimenting with the Import Settings last time, so I apologize for this. But I guess it’s a bit worth mentioning anyways.