How to have a good corner kick in PES

Corner kicks are good chances to score goals. In PES 2017, a goal from the corner can decide the game because it’s not a high score game like older PES versions. In this tutorial, we will tell you how particular aspects and tactile impact the setup of the corner kick.

Understand default PES Corner settings

Striker (CF, RWF and LWF) will always be in the box and Central Backs will stay back on the center line unless the tactics are switched to the highest level of attack.

The fresh Attack / Defense Level feature gives a great deal of impact on the configuration of your team. The greater the Attack level, the more players join the corner kick inside the box.

Choose players to join attack

Here you can choose 3 players who will definitely be in the box and wait for your cross. For every player you send to the box, another player is coming back. So don’t hesitate to use this function. It is suggested to pick high and physical players with excellent air combat capability.

Choose right corner tactics

Pressing the Cross to the left side you can select four different Corner kick formations.

  • Train
  • Dash
  • Far post
  • 6-yard-box