Liquid 3D Object [closed]

Liquid 3D Object [closed]

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Okey now there is something I have been Struggling with for the past 2 Days, I think I am stupid or something. I need to make a Liquid 3D Object, It is really complicated what I need to make. so I will just explain it on something similar.
Imagine I need to create a Tap of water that produce blue Cubes to a swimming pool.
Object water Cube :
- They cannot Rotate.
- Their position on vector3 must be int. meaning if water cube happens to land on (1,0,1.2) it will be transformed to position (1,0,1)
- They have a Collision Detection Event
if(water cube collides with another water cube top surface of the cube){

Position of the top cube will be transformed to any empty cube around the first water cube scaling (X and Z) positions with circular radius of (15,15)
// Now I already achieved this through a double for loop to scan for empty, and if there is not the water cuble will stay in same position.
// Point is what if there is a wall object found while scanning for empty, it will transform position of the water to someplace behind the wall and I do not need that. and If I stopped the water from going to that direction maybe that is not a wall and just a block there.

So what will be the code to fix this issue and preventing such a bug to happen.
Pictures for illustration :