Make a light only affect one object

Make a light only affect one object

I'm wondering if it's possible to make a light source only affect one object? I know that it's possible to use layers and culling mask, but then I would need one layer for every single object which is not possible.
Is there a way for example that I could make only children or siblings be affected by a light source? Or other solution?
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Answer 1:

Taken from Unity Answers:

Yes, this is what Layers are for.

Assign your objects to a specific layer (use an existing layer, or
create your own custom layer). Then go to the light’s inspector pane
and adjust the “Culling Mask” setting to have it light (or not light)
your desired layers.

Answer 2:

What you can do is that instead of using lighting (as it is very expensive) you can play around with the emission property of the objects material. You can just put the texture you have used in it if you dont want any fancy light emission from it !!