Positioning tile sprites so they connect seamlessly

Positioning tile sprites so they connect seamlessly

What is the easiest and the most accurate way to combine tiles into a single platform in Unity, with no gaps, overlaps, or misalignment with the already-placed tiles, so that it looks like one continuous piece?
Here is what I mean:

I would like to be able to do the combination of platforms without the dragging by mouse.
I thought about doing it through the coordinates and a little bit of small calculations, but I was not able to find the width of the game object with the respect to coordinates in the Inspector.


Answer 1:

Using the Move tool (not the RectTransform tool)

Move tool - icon with 4 crossing arrows
(Image from Unity docs)

Hold the V key to enable vertex snapping, and hover over the corners of your sprite. The transform gizmo will snap to the closest vertex.

Keep holding v, and click and drag that vertex to the corresponding vertex of the rest of your chain:

Animation showing vertex snapping

In my tests, this is most precise when zoomed in.