Where/how do I store configuration files in Unity development?

Where/how do I store configuration files in Unity development?

I am transitioning from working with cocos2d-iphone to Unity.
One particular thing I loved were the .plist files: you could easily put any sort of configuration data you wanted: for game levels, stats, etc.
Now, with Unity, I am not entirely sure if I am supposed to be using such files. I suppose I can, but I'd rather adapt myself to whatever Unity developers use. What is the equivalent to property-list files in Unity development? Plain text files?


Answer 1:

For data that is created at design time you can use the TextAsset resource type. Note that despite its name it can be used for arbitrary binary data if preferred.

To persist data that is created at run time PlayerPrefs provides a key-value store. This will be implemented in a platform appropriate manner and performance may vary. If storing a large number of items at once is causing delays it may be improved by consolidating the data into a single sting.

To simplify parsing of this data many people use SimpleJSON.

Answer 2:

Prefabs : It is convenient to build a GameObject in the scene by adding components and setting their properties to the appropriate values.
Or you could write your own similar system. Check this tutorial written by @Byte56.