Why create meshes instead of using Planes?

Why create meshes instead of using Planes?

I'm working on a top down 2D game in Unity and I want to create levels dynamically. All tutorials I find tend to talk about generating meshes so I've followed some great tutorials such as this one. However, here's where I'm not understanding the point. What's the difference between doing all that work to render a plane when you can just use the Plane object with the height/width configured to match what the manual creation has? 


Answer 1:

First of all if you are interested in generating meshes I recommend to you this series of articles in gamasutra about procedural meshes

Modelling by numbers

So returning to the main question, generate planes procedurally allows you to define the distribution of the vertex, for example I use this kind of methods to generate low poly terrains

enter image description here

So if you want to generate surfaces dynamically and you want to create your own tools to generate your levels, I think that procedural generation its the way